Save Cupertino Schools, Save Our Property Values

Save Cupertino Schools, Save Our Property Values

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We will not be silent. The Cupertino Union School District thinks it can disregard the public opinion and close Regnart, Meyerholz, and Muir in the middle of a pandemic.

  • Do you want your local school to be overcrowded, with nearly 50% more students than schools in other districts?
  • Do you want no transparency on why one school is prioritized over another?
  • Do you want decisions about your local schools made behind closed doors, rather than following the proper democratic process?

CUSD's reputation, quality of education, and the property value of every household in the CUSD attendance area is at stake.

Sign this petition if you believe:

  • Closing neighborhood schools hurts your property values
  • Closing schools during a pandemic is inhumane
  • Closing schools will create traffic gridlock and unnecessary carbon emissions
  • CUSD’s reputation for excellence will be damaged by closing 3 top-ranked schools, leaving us with the largest elementary schools in the Silicon Valley

The worst part: CUSD isn’t done closing schools yet. Don’t let the CUSD Board put its own interests ahead of our kids, or your property values. 

Sign this petition to take a stand: save CUSD schools, save our property values.

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ORIGINAL PETITION: Dear Cupertino Community  - The time for action is now! We are actively moving forward, the ball is rolling, and we are working hard to STOP the CUSD School Board from closing 20% of our schools, with less than a 5% deficit.
We as a collective community won’t be sidelined.

We live in the most innovative area in the world! Let’s come up with better solutions.

We do not have to close schools to fix the budget deficit. Ask the Cupertino School Board Members why they are gaslighting us, changing the story every board meeting? 

Closing schools will:

  • Causes stress, harm and disruption by unnecessarily moving 1,200 students
  • Breaks our strong community by sending our kids away from home
  • Creates even more traffic at other school sites
  • Reduces our home values because of the lack of neighborhood schools
  • We don't know how long the pandemic is going to last. We need all the schools so we can space kids out to come back in hybrid mode
  •  Take away our lovely neighborhood schools, where many families take evening and weekend walks around the field, gather together to play a game of basketball or teach their child how to ride a bike

Let’s take a stand, RISE UP as parents, alumni, community members and DEMAND the Cupertino Union School District and the Cupertino School Board halt the order to close schools.

This is not the answer!
We have asked these questions but never receive any answers:
* Why does the CAC charge solely focus on proposing “which” and “how many” schools to close to solve the budget deficit? Why is closing schools suddenly the only option?
* Why has the District / School Board continually refused to engage the parent community in an open and transparent way when we offer solutions (i.e., fundraising, community donations, special elections, our expertise in the private sector, etc.)?
* Why has the District / School Board refused to engage a professional fundraising / corporate development firm to solicit corporate or alumni donations?
* Have our neighboring cities (who supply our students and have CUSD schools in their cities) City Councils or City Managers been solicited for help? Has this problem been broadcast on the media? Do our government officials in both Sacramento and Washington know the depths of Cupertino’s funding problem? We are consistently told to write letters and lobby our government officials - tell us how to do that. Engage us in the effort.
* If these above measures have been taken, please be transparent and share those efforts. We are tired of hearing that “every effort has been exhausted” when we can only see the evidence you have put before us.
* CUSD needs to hear collectively from all their stakeholders, and inform them (preferably in BIG BOLD BLOCK LETTERS) that school closures are imminent. These communities will be negatively impacted by traffic, demographic change, property value drop, and more negative issues. Their voices deserve to be heard, and they have a right to know what’s happening!
* One CUSD Board Member stated at the 9/24 Board Meeting that she “does not like small schools” because they “hinder diversity” and “do not serve our student populations.” We find this highly offensive. Small schools keep kids more engaged, families feel closely connected to their community, and CUSD continually loses families to private schools where they crave that “small school” experience. Small schools are good for kids and for ratios!
* Why is this decision being RUSHED through during a pandemic, and during a major election?
* We DEMAND transparency. Stop all the double talk and lets get down to fixing the core of the problem together!
Please sign this petition to HALT the decision of closing schools and force them to come up with creative ways to balance their budget.

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Thank you for the support!

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Save All Cupertino School Campaign

6,388 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!