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Curling in Toronto’s west end is on life support due to lack of facilities. Curling is thriving at curling facilities such as Leaside, East York, Tam Heather and High Park. Curling has many benefits. It keeps City residents physically and socially active and helps to build community. The curling environment in West Toronto has changed dramatically since the City’s Parks and Recreation Master Plan was prepared in 2017.

Six of the Seventeen curling sheets in West Toronto have closed (Weston) and six more are at risk (St. George’s), not due to lack of curling participation, but due to golf clubs not wanting curling as part of their offering. This would leave West Toronto with only five sheets (High Park) in the near future, compared to seventeen in 2017. Over the past fourteen months there has been a monumental shift in the availability of curling facilities in Toronto. Analysis shows that latent demand exceeds 1,000 regular curlers and there would be additional casual users of the facility.

The preferred operating model is a City owned and Curling member operated facility, similar to the existing Leaside Curling Club. In order to broaden the appeal of the proposal we would work with Parks & Recreation to create the ideal summer uses of the facility including: pickleball, lacrosse, summer camp, indoor space, etc

We the undersigned are concerned citizens who support curling and who urge members of city council to act now to pursue this opportunity to build a new curling facility on city owned land in west Toronto.

Presented by WECC (West End Curling Committee)- Greg King, Susan Lawrence, Bonnie Sacchetti, John Rudd, Doug Flowers. Contact us at:

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