Help Homeless Dogs in Curacao

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After traveling to Curacao and encountering the large amount of stray dogs, I've decided to start a petition to gain the attention of Curacao's Parliment, in hopes that change can be made.

In the few weeks I’ve spent here, I’ve driven past dead puppies on the side of the road, caught glimpses of lethargic strays resting in the shade under art sculptures, and seen countless dogs chained up outside homes, panting heavily in the direct sunlight. They’re seen as objects—as watchdogs and alarm systems. When they stop working, they’re thrown away and replaced with a newer model. Most of the time it’s not explicit, Michael Vick-type cases that these dogs find themselves in. It’s being left out in the sun for too long without any shelter, or being fed only table scraps on a daily basis.

As an American with two dogs at home, it’s hard for me to witness the condition of some of the dogs on the island and not condemn every local I come across. But it’s taken me two weeks to even drive by a pet store on the opposite side of the island, and I've met with rescuers who tell me that even just teaching young children how to interact with animals would make a world of a difference. However, I’m certain that if the money and resources were available, the condition of most of the animals here would improve drastically.