Provide CUHSD Teachers With A Cost Of Living Adjustment

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Provide CUHSD Teachers With A Cost Of Living Adjustment

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Angela LeDrew started this petition to Cuhsd and

Our teachers deserve better. During this back-to-school season, CUHSD teachers have had their pay cut by $500 a month. That is 5,000 dollars this year. 

CHSTA and CUHSD agreed on a three-year contract, in which they would receive 500 dollars per month off schedule in the second year. The third-year was contingent on whether or not the parcel tax passed. The parcel tax did not pass thus, CHSTA reopened the contract. Since then CHSTA has sent the district seven different proposals, while CUHSD hasn't provided a new proposal since June. Reopening is typical for multi-year contracts, and teachers had every right to reopen.

Communication from the district lacks transparency. Currently, the district has forty-eight million dollars in reserves. Yet CUHSD board president, Kalen Gallagher, deceived CUHSD parents saying "'s incumbent upon the District to do the best we can with total compensation, without putting ourselves in a situation that would require cuts to student services and support staff." This is a deliberate attempt to pit teachers against students. Gallagher neglects to mention in this email that CUHSD's reserves have been increasing since 2018, and there are currently thirty-three million dollars in unrestricted reserves that could be used to raise teacher pay.

CUHSD teachers make upwards of 20,000 dollars less than neighboring districts. As the cost of living only increases in the bay area, teachers are being forced to make tough decisions. In an Instagram post, CHSTA asked CUHSD teachers what 500 dollars meant to them here are some of their responses:

"To me, 500 dollars a month means my kids may not be able to play baseball or soccer."

"To me, 500 dollars a month is the difference of living alone or with roommates at the age of 30"

"To me, 500 dollars a month takes away from daycare for my two children under five"

CUHSD teachers deserve better than 5,000 dollars taken from their paycheck this year. Please sign our petition and share.

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This petition made change with 33,366 supporters!

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