Don't let COVID-19 affect our GPA- petition for CSUSM to move to PASS/FAIL for Spring 2020

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Given these unprecedented circumstances of COVID-19, there has been a drastic shift in the structure of our classes, as well as many of our lives.

Many students now have to deal with new pressures that were not predicted at the start of our semester; such as the loss of a job, taking on elderly or childcare, working more hours, or lack of access to resources necessary for online curriculum. Circumstances have changed since the begining of the semester, and many students are concerned that their grades will be impacted. Several universities have already made this switch including: Duke, Portland State, and UC Berkeley. Many other universities are petitioning for the same.

It is important that we ensure equity across the board. We are still experiencing a digital divide. Out of fairness and empathy for our fellow students we are asking for an emergency addendum to modify Title 5 for the Spring 2020 semester.

We want Cal State University San Marcos give the OPTION for students to transition the Spring 2020 semester to a PASS/FAIL semester.

This means that -if chosen- grades this semester would NOT impact students' GPA and instead give students the flexibility to complete their coursework but also focus on their physical and mental health as well as their families.

We ask that this is extended to core courses as well as electives.

Providing this as an option would be more inclusive towards all students experiencing different conditions during these difficult times. Let's fight for one another. We are stronger together!