CSULB: Allow womxn to wear sports bras without tops at the SRWC

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Rule 9 at the CSULB Student Recreation and Wellness Center states:

"Appropriate athletic attire must be worn at all times. Inappropriate clothing includes jeans, khakis, modified clothing, sandals, and sports bras without tops."

We argue that sports bras without tops is appropriate athletic attire in a gym environment and trying to force women to wear additional tops is unnecessary policing of women's bodies. 

If a woman feels comfortable enough to wear a sports bra without a top she should be allowed to without being made to feel that having boobs is a crime. Why should women feel that they should hide the fact that they have boobs? 

When asking management as to why this rule was in place they stated it was because of too much visible skin showing. Not hygiene, but because skin was showing. If the argument was hygiene then enforce a stronger towel use rule, men sweat through their shirts too. 

In a time where there is plentiful evidence that what a woman wears does not affect the occurrence of sexual harassment, we would like to think that CSULB, a forward thinking university, would stand against the policing of women's bodies. 


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