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Students of CSU East Bay call on the ASI Elections Committee to investigate the hacking of 2020 ASI President/CEO Candidate Euridice Pamela Sanchez’s Instagram, personal email account, and family’s AT&T account, as well as the deactivation of her phone number. This all had happened on Saturday, April 11th, TWO DAYS before ASI Runoff Elections. Her campaign of 3,000+ Instagram connections, most of which consisted of East Bay students, was deleted and removed by the hacker. The campaign is now at a major disadvantage since all of campaigning is done through social media, due to the CA Governor’s sheltered-in-place order.

The ASI Runoff Elections shall be investigated on the hacking of Euridice Pamela Sanchez's personal information. A breach into a student’s private security is not only ILLEGAL, but is also something that SHOULD NOT be taken lightly. The fact that her family’s AT&T security has been compromised in consequence to this, highlights the severity of this hacker’s actions. 

We demand for a FAIR and JUST election campaign cycle without the need to engage in criminal activity on a candidate’s campaign (Euridice Pamela Sanchez, Radiate East Bay).

Please sign this petition in support of condemning criminal behavior and breach of students' private cyber security. This action is NOT tolerated in what should be a fair and honest election.