CSU Board of Trustees: Vote NO on new fees at meeting in November!

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CSU Board of Trustees: Vote NO on new fees at meeting in November!

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We, the undersigned, call on all the CSU Board of Trustee members to OPPOSE any more fee hikes on students; specifically the three new fees proposed by Chancellor Reed at the September BOT meeting.  

They are as follows:

1)    The Graduation Incentive Fee in which "super-seniors" will need to pay $372 PER UNIT for those who have 150 units (semester campus) or 225 units (quarter campus) to finish their degrees.  

2)    Course Repeat Fee in which every student that would like to or needs to repeat a class will have to pay $100 PER UNIT for that class.

3) Added Units Fee in which any student wishing to take more than 16 units per semester will have to pay $200 PER “EXTRA” UNIT.

CSU students cannot bear any more fee hikes. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Student fees have gone up 300% in the last decade and these new fees only serve to hurt the students, not entice them to do better.   Chancellor Reed is using the budget crisis as a reason to radically restructure CSU into a more corporate, privatized university system. Instead of offering MORE CLASSES, Reed wants to “improve” graduation rates by dis-enrolling or forcing out students who take too long to graduate, through his “Graduation Initiative”.

Instead of acknowledging the real reason that students struggle to graduate, which are budget-cut created class shortages, as well as the increasing financial hardship of being able to pay for CSU’s rising tuition, Chancellor Reed believes that students are the problem, as he states that:

·      “Students are gaming and abusing the system.” 

·      “It is the super-seniors fault, they are hogging all the seats.”

·      “Double Majors are greedy and taking all the classes.” 

·      And “we want to make room for REAL students who will graduate in 4 years.”

This is in direct opposition to the reality that because of budget-cut created class shortages, only a small percentage of students are able to obtain a degree in 4 years.  Reed’s beliefs are out of line with reality, and his approach to improving graduation rates is to price out struggling students and fast-track rich students by declaring, “Pay up or drop out.”

This vision goes against the very purpose of the CSU’s mission. We need decision-makers and leaders to stand up for students. We need the CSU Board of Trustees to keep the CSU affordable and accessible to future generations.  According to the Chancellor’s financial audit, only 35% of the university’s operating expenses went to “directly support the primary mission of the university, which is instruction” in 2009/10—down 3% from 2008/09.

These fee increase proposals will radically change who will and who will not graduate from CSU. We urge the Trustees to oppose these fee hikes, and explore real solutions that would help students graduate, instead of supporting the Chancellor’s cynical approach to pricing struggling students out.  


                 ANOTHER CSU IS POSSIBLE!!

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This petition had 3,766 supporters