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Crytek UK: Create a TimeSplitters HD Collection

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We are not interested in your personal data, all we require is your REAL NAME, CITY and COUNTRY. The street address and e-mail fields can be completely fictional.

We would suggest that those who are understandably reluctant to part with their personal data, should use a street address of “Timesplitters Street”, and an e-mail address of “”.

Mission Statement
The purpose of this petition is to help generate a show of interest in the Timesplitters series of video games to convince Crytek to release a HD Collection of the Timesplitters trilogy for todays gamers. Timesplitters 4 is our ultimate goal, but first we have to convince Crytek there is sufficient demand for the series through a HD Collection.

In a recent interview, Crytek’s CEO (Cevat Yerli) has said that they will invest HD Collection featuring all three Timesplitters game if this petition attracts enough interest.

We all know that a Timesplitters HD Collection would be a monster hit for Crytek, and it’s inevitable success would help fuel Crytek’s chances of a new publishing deal for Timesplitters 4. In recent years, Crytek struggled to convince publishers that Timesplitters could be successful due to it’s non-linear storyline, parodical nature and quirky atypical characters. On the contrary, many Timesplitter fans see this as one of the game’s key strengths.

Timesplitters is one of the PS2 and Xbox’s most critically acclaimed games and offered so much variety in what has now become an entirely stale genre of games. The hilarious game modes, outlandish characters, split-screen fully customisable multiplayer, varied weapons, map-maker, bots and story mode were all absolute classics, and are sorely missed in today’s first person shooters.

To help bring Timesplitters back from the dead, PLEASE sign this petition, and share it with as many people as you possibly can.

It just doesn’t make sense that this game is not available to gamers today.

With your help, it can be.

Further information
For further information, and to keep up-to-date with the progress of our campaign, please join our Facebook Group “100,000 Strong for Timesplitters 4” ( )

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