Bring Crunchyroll,Funimation and other legal anime streaming sites to India

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Hello, Indian Anime fans.

I'm DVY, an anime fan.Please continue to read why we need the support of Indian anime fans for this petition.

Japanese studios  have been facing major losses due to illegal streaming sites and apps.

Above all that, by October all illegal anime streaming sites will be banned too, which was the major source for Indian anime fans to get access to their favorite shows . Except Netflix, we don't have any other major legal anime streaming sites in India available, and Netflix in turn isn't a majorly anime centric site and only houses mainstream anime which most people have already watched. India doesn't have access to major sites like Funimation and only a watered-down version of Crunchyroll. The only good anime source channel, Animax, was also cancelled a few years ago, leaving us no alternative but to resort to those illegal sites to catch up.

In order to support the anime fandom legally ,we Indian anime fans are signing this petition  so that it gets the notice of major streaming sites to see that India is a big potential market for anime and also we get to support our favourite studios legally. 

This time, let's bring ANIME back to India.

Have a good day.

PS. Thank you HANAMI for the major help.