Cruise ships don’t belong in Botany Bay

Cruise ships don’t belong in Botany Bay

29 July 2018
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Dominic Perrottet (Premier of NSW) and 5 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Chris Cafarelli

We move to petition that no part of Botany Bay is developed or redeveloped to become a cruise ship terminal.

Botany Bay is a place of natural beauty, steeped in history with so many generations having used and lived off the bay for thousands of years. The region is dotted with smaller bays, beaches and coves, and is used by thousands of Sydneysiders all year round for swimming, fishing and enjoying the natural beauty of the Australian coast.  

Today, Botany Bay and its array of beautiful beaches is under threat from further heavy shipping. 

The Federal Government is not willing to accommodate cruise ships at Garden Island, and as a result Molineux Point and Yarra Bay have now been earmarked as two locations to be redeveloped for the purpose of creating a new cruise ship terminal.

This would devastate numerous pristine beaches within Botany Bay, destroy the aquatic environment, create traffic chaos on the roads surrounding the proposed sites, and reduce property values in the area.  

The infrastructure surrounding the proposed sites at Botany Bay is not currently up to standard to meet the current needs of the area. The addition of a cruise terminal would only worsen an already difficult situation. No trains, poor quality and overcrowded roads, poor bus services and no room for insfrastructure growth...this is a recipe for a community disaster.

A terminal would be a cultural disaster for Sydney's longest established Aboriginal community. The Bidjigal and Gweagal people have been fishing, boating, swimming and collecting shells in Yarra Bay for at least 7500 years. A terminal will break that social, cultural and spiritual connection to land and sea.

The community within the south-eastern suburbs of Sydney are very proud of their history, and the natural beauty within the local area. We enjoy our beaches, and keep them clean and pristine for all to enjoy. Let’s not lose any more of our history and natural beauty by building cruise ship terminals at Molineux Point and Yarra Bay.





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Signatures: 14,703Next goal: 15,000
Support now

Decision makers

  • Dominic PerrottetPremier of NSW
  • David ElliottMinister for Transport
  • Matthew KeanTreasurer and Minister for Energy
  • Anthony RobertsMinister for Planning and Minister for Homes
  • Ben FranklinMinister for Aboriginal Affairs; Minister for Tourism