Save Croydon libraries!

Save Croydon libraries!

2 December 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Save Croydon Libraries

Bradmore Green, Broad Green, Sanderstead, Shirley and South Norwood libraries are under threat AGAIN!

Public libraries cost little but deliver a lot.   

Our libraries serve the community of Croydon. They provide safe places to connect with others in the community, places to study, to complete homework, to relax, to seek reliable information and help as well as well as offering a wide range of resources and materials. They also offer access to facilities including PCs to help with research, homework, online applications, job searches and more.

All these libraries merit saving. Some serve deprived or elderly communities. Some give easy access and offer parking as well as being on good transport links. 

They provide activities for the community, from birth onwards.

We have fought to save our libraries before and we need to keep up the fight!

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Save Croydon Libraries Campaign

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Signatures: 1,950Next Goal: 2,500
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