Crown Prosecution Service/ Ministry of Justice: Prevent release of dangerous offender

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Full name above Keith John Williams d.ob 20/07/57

first conviction 1976 rape and abduction of 14 yrs old at knife point in Buxton with accomplices of which they recieved a mere fine.

second rape was a girl whose parents worked at his public house here then called the domino inn pictured in my original newspaper she she she got into car with him aged 14/15.. 1976/77/78 not sure if this was reported as i have full documented conversation with daughter who said she did and it was over looked so handed it to police this year Swadlincote case being dealt with by Sgt Locally

Me, i was 8 when my mum married him he started after wedding - til 15,  i was so scared to involve my mum due to threats he had made against to harm my half brother his son this was documented and used in court, the others involved i do not know names or ages only ever saw them once never building friendships so can not include them.
KW went on to continue his crimes with at least 3 other victims that i am privvy to have knowledge of in areas of Leicestershire and Wales all 3 were rape & or sexual assault.

KW moved back to the area we live in with another woman my brother went to work with him so the must be 1997/8 and when KW started having access to his daughter aged 7/8 he alerted me he was concerned about her safety being there overnight, so i made a confidential statement to C.P.U stating i was concerned for my brothers sister being at risk similar environment to the set up of me and asked that they be aware of danger he is, this got passed to police and within 24/48 hours they were on to me for more information which i felt i didn't dare do, so they threatened to subpoena me to court if i didn't. Then the police called in to see him out the blue he knew nothing at this point yet he bolted, the DCI Ralph Gillam arresting officer told me personally they had been an incident with a child at these premises of which i was privvy to no more information than that.

Originally we were all going to give evidence as a group, but after seeing my medical and psychiatric files they decided to try him on my charges alone so others could "lie on file" (which i was lead to believe by my barrister would prevent his release ).
KW whilst going though court was coming to house threatening to kill my brother and mum this was reported to police at time again south Derbyshire have 2 charges of witness intimidation 1998/9
KW was charged with 6 specimen charges 5 of rape and one of indecent assault he was sentenced June 3rd 1999, on life for each count i make this 6 but it was reported as 5, with min tariff of 12 years its wasn't explained that that didn't mean on each count either which i thought it was, or that i could appeal as such huge sentence could be reduced to equate 2 years per life sentence?

KW once incarcerated rang our house multiple times threatening my brother on one occasion KW blamed him for KW's father for getting cancer we reported these phone calls to VLO, but eventually changed our number as they didn't stop (included in offender managers report held by the VLO who now deals with me).


We had number of threats hand posted to family from i can only assume his associates that were also handed to police.

When i was informed after all this he was going to open prison in May 2012, i wasn't notified he'd been de-categorized to cat b then cat c, now cat D!, i contacted NOMS to express my extreme concern they replied with inaccurate data, so i challenged them to address my issues regarding threats further in June 2012 after receiving no reply i contacted prime minister who contacted them in sept 2012 eventually they responded in Nov 2012 saying to seek original trial judge ( HH Brian Appleby QC) or court of appeal to proceed with pending charges (which i did not there department apparently , by this time he was already in open prison and enjoying days out and one overnight per month, this has not changed.
KW i now know would of been eligible for parole 2011, but this year VLO asked for my VPS and said his parole hearing was sent for this summer between june -aug, already half way out this alarmed me even further so i wrote to and included copies of all documents to PM and deputy PM, home office, Ministry of Justice, Deborah May MP, Ed Miliband mp, some weren't even acknowledged PM & Home office passed these back to NOMS who in april 2013 wrote and said i needed not to seek court of appeal but the CPS whom wrote to say they're looking into it? Since contacted Mr Grayling minister of justice and victims commissioner neither responded to date.

My Foremost concern is he is UNTAGGED when ROTL's and he has proven he does not adhere to unlawful contact, i am also concerned regarding other victims being unknowingly exposed to contact from him has they are not classed as victims yet and have no protection, no exclusion zone this is one dangerous individual, due to my being private and not going on jeremy kyle or selling my story he has remained unknown to most and this has proven my downfall.

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