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Under UK law, pet theft is seen as no different to the theft of an inanimate object,  despite the fact that pets are feeling, thinking beings that are truly irreplaceable.

Any person who has a pet in their family will know that a stolen animal is among their worst fears and for the remainder of the pets natural life span, you will be left wondering where they are, what conditions they are living in and how they are being treated. Horrifying images of abuse and dog baiting will circle the mind of the owner and any repulsive criminal who causes this distress to a pet and its owner deserves a much harsher punishment than that of someone who has stolen an iPhone. This is not theft, it is abduction.

I had always thought of this country as a forward thinking, leader in legislation however UK laws around pet theft are archaic and in desperate need of reform.  Please sign and share this petition to implement tougher sentencing on pet theft to deter criminals from abducting pets from their homes and loved ones.

It may not have happened to you but I implore you to think about the families who have been made victims of 'pet theft' and the dogs/cats/other animals, that are scared, confused and attempting to survive life with their captors at this very moment.  

Thank you for your time.