Change Jaynesh Chudasama's Sentence to Murder

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On the 26-01-2018 Three families, Hundreds of Friends life's changed for ever when our beautiful, Kind boys ages 16, 16 and 17 were killed by Jaynesh Chudasama. He drove at them whilst they were walking on a pavement on their way to a party, He hit them at 71 miles per hour, they did not stand a chance. He was Drunk and had taken drugs. The CPS have only charged him with Death by Dangerous Driving, this is not the case that car that night became a weapon, that weapon was used to kill our boys. He will be sentenced on the 9th of March and we need the charge to change. We need to show the CPS and the Judge they do not have this Person on the right charge, we need to be the voice for our boys. Please help us. We only have a week to get as many signatures as possible. There is more to this story than I can mention right now so please please help. We have another petition going at the moment for a Bill that is waiting for Parliamentary Time to change the sentencing from 14 years to Life for Death by Dangerous Driving, However this will not help our case as it will not be passed in time, but it will help future people if this ever happens to somebody else. so please also keep signing that. Thank you in advance