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Charge the suspects as adults on a count of murder

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On May 17, 2015 Luka Gordic was murdered by a group of young men on Main Street in Whistler, BC. Threats for Luka's life were made all day, but he chose to walk away only to be attacked and gruesomely stabbed several times in the chest. Three suspects are charged as minors and the fourth as an adult, all with a count of manslaughter (seeing as three of the four are 17 years old, and one is 18 years old). At 17 or 18 years old you should know your right from your wrong and that when you stab someone three times, you have committed an intentional act with a weapon that you know can cause harm/death. Whether they were the ones holding the knife or not, they were an accessory to a murder that they did not stop. This attack was planned and resulted in death, which in the Canadian Law book falls under the charge of murder- 'committed while intimidating the victim' , 'committed with a weapon' and 'means to cause bodily harm that he knows is likely to cause death, and is reckless as to whether death is caused of not'. Three of the four men have been released on bail, which means our streets have murderers who have taken a beautiful soul, running free because our system protects criminals and allows them to have freedom and rights that not even most law abiding citizens have. They deserve to pay the ultimate price. By signing this petition, you stand in solidarity with the Gordic family, friends, and anyone who see's that this is a great act of injustice. The suspects deserve a charge of murder not manslaughter for the stabbing and tragic death of 19 year old Luka Gordic. Together, we might be able to convince the Crown and BC Minister of Justice, Suzanne Anton to charge these MEN as adults with murder.

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