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Immediately Release Patient Records of Farid Fata for Free

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The grieving family members of the victims of Michigan oncologist Farid Fata seek to uncover more about the care their loved ones received while a patient under his care. Farid Fata is the oncologist under federal investigation for Medicaid fraud, and as more information comes to light, the victims and family members are beginning to suspect that the charges against Fata are much worse than fraud.
The victims NEED their records to make sure that Fata diagnosed and properly treated the patients.
As the case continues more and more victims are revealed. There are multiple documented cases of patients who were FALSELY diagnosed with cancer and end of life patients undergoing UNNECESSARY chemotherapy. There are thousands of people who now suddenly have the terrible, unanswered question if their child, sibling, mother, daughter, father, son, or grandparent underwent and ultimately died from chemotherapy that they NEVER needed.
Now Crittenton Hospital, one of the largest, richest hospitals in Michigan, directly associated with Farid Fata is attempting to add insult to injury to the victims and their families by CHARGING THOUSANDS of DOLLARS for medical records, exorbitant amounts that are tantamount to extortion during this time.
Several hospitals, like St. Joe's of Pontiac have compromised their record policy in light of this national scandal and medical crisis and made the medical records available to the families FREE of CHARGE.
We simply ask that Crittenton Hospital do the same.
The families of the victims and the victims who are still alive have a right and NEED to know whether or not they or their family members were properly diagnosed and treated.
ALL hospitals associated with Farid Fata have an obligation to release these records to the victims and their families FREE OF CHARGE.
The nature of this case DEMANDS that the hospitals who sheltered Farid Fata as he committed fraud against Medicaid and as he told thousands of people they had cancer who did not indeed have cancer acquiesce the medical records of ALL the victims of Farid Fata IMMEDIATELY and FREE OF CHARGE.
Please sign this petition in support of the victims and their families. They NEED to know. In light of the charges Farid Fata is facing with the federal government, it is insult to injury that they should now have to spend thousands of dollars to obtain the medical records of the time they were treated by Farid Fata. To paraphrase the wife of one of Fata's victims, "My husband already paid with his life."

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