Criterion Collection’s streaming service for India and other countries!

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Criterion Collection” has come with its own movie streaming service which they are making it available in US and Canada only since April 8, 2019. This petition seeks to get this service available globally. 

Streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon have made a huge impact on India’s entertainment industry and its people. Even niche streaming services like “MUBI” offer worldwide access to its curated catalog of “international art house” films.

Being a film editor by profession, and a film student by heart, it is my deepest desire and longing to be part of this brilliant revolution of film viewing experience! And who better to lead this sentiment than the Criterion Collection, who are integral to the cinema’s dynamic culture, both for its state-of-the-art restorations and passion for its presentation, no matter what the medium.

They should get their streaming service universal, in the hope to deepen the viewer’s appreciation for cinema. There’s been a surge in film criticism and appreciation now more than ever. 

I urge cinephiles to sign this petition and make this essential right, a reality! I don’t think it’s much to ask.