Participate in a soccer tournament in England

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Hi Cristiano,

I'm one of your fans and I'm also a soccer player, my dream is to become a goalkeeper! I've been in a soccer team since I'm ten year's old and I'm thirteen now. My team is playing in England in October, where we are not just competing against other pro-academies but also being watched by scouts for the chance of getting a spot in a Junior professional team. My parents cannot afford it right now so my mom gave me the idea of starting this campaign to see if I can raise the money to go.

The total price of the trip is CA$2,600 dollars per person, plus some money in case I need to buy something during the trip, that's why I'm asking for CA$3,000 dollars. 

If I can make it to this trip it will be an awesome experience for my goalie curriculum. If you help me I promise I will post all of the pictures and videos and if I'm good enough and lucky enough, I might end up with a position in one of the pro-academies. 

If you would like to know more about my coach and team you can also follow our Instagram. If you like to donate here is the link to my GoFundMe.

Thank you very much!

Luis Lorenzo

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