Freedom for Lamont “ Cholo “ Kellum

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We’ve been on a five year battle with the criminal justice system.. My brother Lamont “Cholo” Kellum was WRONGFULLY convicted of murder. No evidence❗️No DNA of his discovered❗️No fingerprints of his❗️No gsr on his person OR clothes❗️No physical evidence whatsoever❗️Even cellphone towers put him OUTSIDE of the crime area. During trial the EYEWITNESS CONFIRMED he was not there yet the prosecution insisted on building a case based completely off of false evidence and speculation because of where he grew up, Compton, CA and his gang affiliation If you ask me there’s a whole lot of reasonable doubt here that there’s no way a jury of 12 brains should have ever found him guilty within only 40 minutes of deliberation! With all of this information there’s NO DOUBT Cholo is NOT GUILTY and that’s the verdict that should’ve been brought back. Give Cholo his life back. Due to this injustice he has missed his first child being born and every birthday since, missed family gatherings and holidays! An INNOCENT man doing life � #FreeCholo #WrongfullyConvicted.