Justice for Oliver Campbell

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Oliver Campbell was wrongly convicted of the murder of a shopkeeper in Hackney, 1990.
He served 11 years of his sentence in prison.

He remains on licence, meaning he cannot travel abroad and is subjected to closer monitoring by police. 

Oliver has severe learning difficulties sustained from a catastrophic brain injury he suffered as a child. This has limited his cognition and learning. He was convicted after a confession he made after protracted interrogation and despite the fact  he was unlikely to understand the questions as a result of his learning difficulties. He was distressed and confused, he was there with no lawyer or legal representative. 

The BBC's Rough Justice did an in-depth programme on his case which revealed clearly that the conviction was wrongful. 

Oliver’s co-accused has admitted Oliver was not present at the crime scene and did not commit this murder. There is no forensic evidence linking Oliver to the crime scene. The killer was right handed, Oliver is left handed. The killer was 5ft 8 inches, Oliver is 6ft 3inches. The hair found at the crime scene did not match Oliver’s. He is an innocent man. 

Oliver’s case has been featured on television and in newspapers. Please google him for more information. 

We want justice for Ollie!