Make sure a violent, repeat sex offender gets monitored on parole supervision

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Catherine Wilkinson was brutally raped and murdered in October of 1975 at the OBI in Smithtown, New York, by Steven Garofolo, NYS DIN# 77-B-0011. At the time, Garofolo was out on bail, having been charged with the violent rape of another young woman in mid-1975. Cathy refused to give him the alibi he wanted to get out of the earlier rape charge, so he stalked her, raped her, and killed her. Garofolo was sentenced in 1977 to two life sentences for Cathy's rape and murder, in addition to another 25 years for the assault of the other young woman.

Despite the horrific nature of both of his crimes, he has been paroled and will be released to live in Suffolk County, New York. This violent sex offender will also soon undergo a court hearing to determine his sex-offender level.

Cathy's sister and brothers are hoping that Steven Garofolo is given a Level 3 Risk assignment and the highest level sex-offender designation so that the women of Long Island can protect themselves and know that he is sufficiently being monitored upon his release.If he receives a lesser designation, he may not have to register and will have less restrictions; essentially, the women of Long Island will not be fully informed of this public safety matter. 

Please sign this petition if you agree that this violent sex offender should get the highest level sex-offender designation possible. We will submit this petition with our letter to the Judge in Suffolk County, New York, who will make the decision on or about November 27, 2019. Thank you.


John, Robert, and Carol Wilkinson