Get all international men's cricket in Australia back on Free-To-Air TV

Get all international men's cricket in Australia back on Free-To-Air TV

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Until now, international men's cricket played in Australia has been accessible for all Australians on Free-To-Air (FTA) TV.   That meant, that no matter how wealthy you were - you could still watch the cricket at home - by yourself, with your friends or with your family.   It meant kids from all walks of life could spend all day watching the cricket - and grow to love the game.    Not any more. 

Cricket Australia (you know them - "arrogant and controlling") decided to sell us all out for a few more dollars and now the 10 one-day and T20 internationals being played this summer will be shown exclusively on Fox Sports (plus 16 Big Bash League games).  

I'm furious.  I don't think we should have to pay to watch our national sport.    And I don't think that we should be restricting access to cricket to the vast majority of Australian kids who don't have access to Foxtel.   If you agree, please sign this petition. 

So what can be done?  

1) We can pressure the Australian Government (via Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield - Minister for Communications and the Arts) to properly enforce our anti-siphoning laws, which should require that Australian cricket played in Australia be available on FTA television. 

2) We can pressure Cricket Australia to back out of their deal with Foxtel and return cricket to FTA TV.  

3) We can vote with our remotes. Don't sign up to Foxtel. 

We must act now, before we lose a generation of cricket fans forever.  Sign this petition and share with your friends to support Australian cricket fans.