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Petitioning Cricket Australia Mr James Sutherland, CEO

Cricket Australia and Australia's other major sporting codes to stop the promotion of alcohol, junk food & gambling

Shouldn’t sport promote a healthy lifestyle?

Instead, our major sporting codes seem happy to engage with sponsors that encourage people to make poor lifestyle choices, promoting alcohol, unhealthy foods and gambling which sends the wrong message to viewers in particular, impressionable children.

Shouldn’t there be more corporate responsibility from the major codes to ensure it promotes healthy messages rather than simply chasing the corporate dollar? I want to call them to account.

Back in the ’80s cigarette advertising was a big part of sport sponsorship, before such advertising was eventually banned.

With the issues associated with Australia's alcohol and obesity problems recognised and well understood, I think it is time that the major codes acknowledged that its association with unhealthy products is not in the best interest of Australians, nor in the interests of sport in general.

Watch closely the next time you are viewing a match and pay attention to the amount of coverage that brands like KFC, Wild Turkey and Victoria Bitter receive. Incredible bang for their buck and right in the face of children, the advertisers' ideal target market for future generational business.

Just like the promotional girls handing out cigarettes back in the '80s, kids are now being given freebies from KFC.

Please get on board with my petition and let’s start putting the pressure on to make this happen!

Letter to
Cricket Australia Mr James Sutherland, CEO
I am concerned about the prolific promotion of junk food, alcohol and gambling that is occurring during the coverage of cricket on prime time television. Families sitting down to watch the cricket are bombarded by junk food, alcohol and gambling advertising.

I am mainly concerned because kids notice junk food and alcohol advertising and are also now associating betting with sport.

Junk food advertising influences children’s food preferences and consumption, and is also likely to contribute to people being overweight and obese.

Alcohol advertising influences drinking intentions and behaviours and alcohol sponsorship of sporting events has also been shown to result in children and young people associating alcohol with sport.

I am calling on you as CEO's of Cricket Australia, and our other major sports codes to stop allowing advertising and promotions from organisations that promote the consumption of unhealthy products, such as KFC, McDonalds, Coca Cola and Victoria Bitter plus the promotion of betting organisations.

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