Open Our Cresskill Municipal Swim Club Everyday between Memorial Day and Labor Day

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We have been members of the Cresskill Municipal Swim Club for the past four years.   The pool has always been open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, weather permitting.  Suddenly this year, on a whim of the new "Management" the pool is not open during the week "until school closes at the end of June."

As paying members, we have lost approximately 25% of our pool time.  This change was NOT disclosed prior to taking our funds and has never been formally communicated to the patrons. 

Let's put this in the form of basic math.  Take 500 family memberships and each were overcharged $100.  This Bait and Switch results in the Pool Commission profiting $50,000 this year alone by reducing our pool time by 25% and not disclosing the change in advance of the patrons paying for their membership.

Please sign this petition and demand that our pool be open all weather permitting days between Memorial Day and Labor Day as it always has been in the past!

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