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Creek Project Investments PLC, a UK Invesment firm, through its wholly owned subsidiary Creekproject Inc has entered into a venture with China to fund and establish what will be the WORLD'S LARGEST FOIE GRAS PRODUCTION FACILITY, to be located in Poyang Lake, China. As noted in their website, “Creek Projects has so far contracted for the delivery of 15,000,000 geese over a five year period.” That is an additional 15 million geese about to be tortured among the many others in the world - 3 million of which have already been delivered thus far. Many countries have already banned the production of Foie Gras, so it is not surprising that the production is shifting eastwards towards China.

This cruel practice is about to be multiplied countless fold, unless this latest plan were to fall through. Furthermore, it is said that the corn that is used to feed the ducks and geese in China is often mouldy (as opposed to the corn used in the production facilities in the west), subjecting the birds to further diseases, pain and suffering. Bearing in mind this enormous scale of appalling cruelty will take place in a country where animal welfare laws are non-existent.

Make your voice heard - Sign the petition now to ask Creek Project to halt its investments in building the world’s largest Foie Gras production facility in China. Or better yet, send a hard copy of the petition letter (or write your own) right to their door step:

Creek Project Investments | Abacus House 93 High Street Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire United Kingdom, PE29 3DP       Telephone +44 (0) 2071930107       Fac +44 (0) 2071471339

Creekproject Inc. | Genesis Building 3rd Floor, George Town, PO Box 32338, SMBGrand Cayman, Cayman Islands



Directors of Company:

1. Bryan Leonard Cook - Alpenstrasse 7, Cham, Switzerland 6330 

     LinkedIn Profile -

2. Swee Lead Mok - Blk 643 Bedok, Reservoir Rd. 06-81 Singapore 410643   

3. Swee Meng Mok - Blk 643 Bedok, Reservoir Rd. 06-81 Singapore 410643

4. Wai Meng Yong - 2 Beechwood Grove, Singapore, 738275

For more information, please visit:

Letter to
Creek Project Director BRYAN COOK
MP of Huntingdon Jonathan Djanogly
Creek Project Investments Creek Project Investments
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Creek Project Director SWEE LEAD MOK
Creek Project Director WAI MENG YONG
Creek Project Director THOMAS YI
Chairman - London Capital Associates Bryan Cook
Attn - Dear MP of Huntingdon, Jonathan Djanogly - Are you even aware this is going on?? So much for foie gras production being banned in the UK. If this is not an act hypocrisy, it's time I update my dictionary.

It has come to my attention of your appalling plans of investments to fund what will be the world’s largest Foie Gras production farm, despite the fact that Foie Gras farming is already banned in the UK and other countries.

Under your Geese Project, your website states that the objective of the project is to meet the changes brought about with the continuous improvement of living standards – however I believe I speak for all compassionate hearts, that your actions are not in consistent with your published statement?

As the famous Mahatma Gandhi once said “ The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” This quote holds true especially as a company like yours. Your sophisticated way of “outsourcing” Foie Gras production in no ways makes the practice any more ethical or legal.

I urge you now to take immediate steps in halting this atrocious investment. I assure you, an act of hypocrisy encourages no respect even in the business world.



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