Keep Mark Pellegrino at the Conventions! A counter petition.

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It has come to my attention that a negative petition has been going around to try and ban Mr. Mark Pellegrino (most recently known for his role as Lucifer in the hit show "Supernatural") from being invited to conventions for fans held by Creation Entertainment. I am countering that negativity because after reading the description, the person who created it is inherently wrong in their assessment. 

I have met Mark in person SEVERAL times, and not only is he a very genuinely caring person, he is also a champion against bullying of which is he consistently a target of. ANYONE who has met him or has taken the time to get to know him, knows that he is very outspoken and wears his heart on his sleeve. He deeply cares about his fans! However, his tweets are often taken out of context purposly with the sole intent of trying to discredit him as a person simply because they don't agree with his views. If they don't wish to see him at a convention, they can easily save their money and simply not attend instead of trying to ruin the hopes of the MANY fans who go to see and interact with him! 

Mark is a philosopher and an amazing teacher, and we mean to keep him in the SPN Family. Please sign to show you have his back!!!!!