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Create the spinoff fans want to see- Wayward Daughters!

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Wayward Daughters is a fan-created idea that’s been circulating throughout the Supernatural fandom in one form or another ever since Jody Mills took Alex under her wing in season 9 of Supernatural. When Claire was sent off to Jody’s at the end of “Angel Heart," the fandom exploded with enthusiasm over the line that she was being sent to “some sort of halfway house for wayward girls.” We latched onto the idea, even though it was thrown in as a joke. There’s been so much fandom-wide excitement over the complex, nuanced, and incredible female characters that Supernatural has been including in its episodes recently that we all jumped at the opportunity to see more of them. Just imagine: Jody Mills and Donna Hanscum (who we loved as a team in Hibbing 911), opening up a home for girls a la Sonny's Home for Boys, taking in troubled girls, both human and supernatural creature alike. When we realized that Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster were just as excited as we were, it sparked a firestorm.

We believe that the concept of Wayward Daughters has a lot of potential, because it’s about women mentoring girls, and that’s something we don’t see a lot of in media. Given Supernatural’s fanbase of women from a wide range of age demographics, it seems like something that’s definitely in our wheelhouse as a fandom, something we can all relate to and learn from. We can use it as a tool to send some really good messages, break through a few glass ceilings, and build really meaningful dialogue that Supernatural by definition is unable to focus on for more than one or two [episodes] a season.

Thousands of fans have already shown their support online, through the twitter the tumblr, and by writing letters and postcards. Help us make this dream a reality!

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