Create a Plastic-Free Aisle in Local Grocery Stores

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Around 300 million tons of plastic are being produced every year, only 12% of which is recyclable (source).

Studies have shown plankton are dying due to the ingestion of plastic. This poses a real threat to marine life, and if this isn't enough, human health itself in danger. Studies show that people who regularly eat seafood are ingesting up to 11,000 plastic fragments each year (source). Contamination has become so excessive that traces of plastic have been found in our own tap water (source).

Over eight million tons of new plastic trash is finding its way into the oceans every year. Tonnage is on target to increase tenfold in the next decade unless the world finds a way to improve how garbage is collected and managed (source).

Studies have found that growth in plastic production has been driven largely by packaging and the rise of single-use containers, wrapping, and bottles (source). 

It is time for us to realize that our plastic predicament simply isn't getting any better, and recycling isn't cutting it anymore. This leaves us with only one option: reduce the production and consumption of plastics.

By implementing a plastic-free aisle in our grocery stores, environmentally-conscious customers will have the option to easily do their part in lessening the effects of plastic-production and waste. The plastic-free aisle also appeals to customers who might not usually shop green by making it so efficient and accessible, increasing the overall positive impact.