Make "Saipan Blue" the new Crayola color!

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Make "Saipan Blue" the new Crayola color!

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Why this petition matters

For the first time in its 132 year history, Crayola is retiring a color (Dandelion) from its 24-pack of crayons, and is replacing it with "something in the blue family!" The company is launching a campaign in MAY 2017 to have the public choose a name!

The goal of OUR campaign, starting with this petition to Crayola (with whom I'm in contact, and received several emails), is to launch and crowdfund an all out publicity effort to convince them to "MAKE IT SAIPAN BLUE!" and/or to add us to the ballot for a public vote! Then, companies like Pantone, paint companies like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, car manufacturers, and other color makers will be next!

Why this is important:

In the grand scheme of causes to support, this may not seem as urgent as climate change. It may not seem as life-changing as granting clemency. However, this petition may have a profound effect on thousands of lives, not just now, but for the long term.

Since the demise of the garment industry on Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) in 2009, the economy of the CNMI has rested precariously upon one footing: that of tourism. While its white sand beaches, beautiful sunsets, cultural diversity and historical significance are known to a few, tourism to Saipan would benefit from the boost that this attention would provide. If tourism increases, jobs would be saved. The economy would improve. Families would be kept together. Dreams and goals would be achieved.

Even though I had lived in the mainland United States for most of my life, I'd never even heard about Saipan until two months before I decided to relocate. Imagine, however, how the success of this petition would affect the awareness of the next generation when a four-year-old can choose "Saipan blue" to color a picture in a coloring book. Imagine the effect on everyday conversation when a homeowner discusses paint options with an interior designer and can choose or ask for "Saipan blue" when making decisions on the baby's room. Yes, imagine builders, architects, painters and graphic designers all using "Saipan blue" in the course of their business and creative endeavors!

The reason for this campaign, therefore, is simple: to encourage the rest of the world to turn its eyes towards Saipan. This petition has the power to spark conversation, encourage further research, increase awareness, land us in the headlines, and once the campaign is successful, ultimately bring these islands a much-needed economic boost! This is simply about making us part of the world's conversation so we can say "Come experience 'Saipan Blue' for yourself!"

Here's how Crayola responded (April 19, 2017)*

Dear Walt,

I'm happy to hear you are excited about the new blue Crayola(R) crayon! The water around Saipan is amazing, and I can understand why you'd like to share its beauty with others.

Our new color will be revealed in May, but in the meantime be sure to visit for news and updates on its introduction. That way you'll be the first to learn when we’ll be giving our fans the chance to be part of Crayola history by helping us name the new color!

We appreciate you taking the time to write, and I’ll be sure to share your comments with our Marketing team. If additional assistance is needed, please let us know. You are welcome to call us at 800-272-9652 weekdays between 9 AM and 4 PM Eastern Time or email by visiting

Best wishes for a colorful future, Walt!

Colorfully yours,

Susan Zebley
Consumer Affairs Lead Representative

*I'll share other emails from Crayola in the Captain's Log Updates!--Walt

Who should consider supporting this petition:

This petition has significance for a WAY bigger audience than just the folks living on Saipan! You should consider a quick, simple, painless click of the "SIGN THIS PETITION" button IF

- You live or have ever lived on Saipan!

- You ever visited Saipan or know someone who has, and have warm feelings about your visit or that person!

- You are from any other island in the Pacific in Micronesia, Polynesia or Melanesia (Palau, Yap, Pohnpei, Marshalls, etc) and see this as simply more attention to this region!

- Someone in your family was connected to or studied the Battle of Saipan, which turned the tide of the World War II and led to US victory.

- You're a scuba diver or know someone who is and wants to see the underwater world of blue recognized in a small but meaningful way

- You're an environmentalist who appreciates Saipan's activist community's role a few years ago in getting the Mariana Marine National Monument designated by the Bush Administration

- You're Jamaican or know someone who is and want to give "nuff respek" and "big ups" to our Jamaican Campaign Captain!

or, finally...

- If you like the color blue (or know someone who does)!

How it all started (from the Press Release):

"Everyone I've ever given a tour of Saipan says the same thing: 'This is the bluest water I've ever seen!'," explains author, tour guide and campaign captain, Walt F.J. Goodridge. "As a result, I've had the domain and the color idea for a while, but just recently decided to do something with it.

So, it was an amazing coincidence when I started researching for ideas and discovered Crayola's plans to replace Dandelion! It's the right time and would be a cool way to launch a campaign to share Saipan's natural beauty with the rest of the world!" (Press release to be distributed May 1, 2017)

This is only the beginning

Even if this first phase of public awareness and crowd support doesn't reach the right ears in time for official decisions from the top, rest assured, this is only the beginning! There's more than one way to introduce a new idea into public use. We've got articles, songs, more letter-writing campaigns, more petitions and an ongoing push to add "Saipan blue" to the public lexicon! For more info on the crowdfunding campaign, and other efforts, visit

Help with expenses

If you're able to help by making a contribution to cover expenses (publicity, press release distribution, Facebook ads,website hosting, etc.),  you can "send" via paypal ANY amount ($1, $2, $5, $10...) to, or use your credit/debit card (or optional paypal account) by clicking here
(change quantity to any amount from $1 up) Your name will be added to the Supporters Page at unless you request otherwise in the comments box.

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