Crash Out Brexit Will Create National Crisis - Revoking Article 50 Should be the Default

Crash Out Brexit Will Create National Crisis - Revoking Article 50 Should be the Default

6 January 2019
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Started by Ben Green

The recent leak of Project Yellow Hammer, the governments own investigation into the most likely consequences of No Deal Brexit, should be a wake up call for the nation. No Deal should be removed as the default option in the case of a Brexit deal not being obtained before the date we're due to leave the EU and be replaced by the revocation of Article 50, which allows us to remain as we currently are within the EU.

No member of British parliament is elected to carry out the demands of their constituents without considering the consequences. Instead, they each have a duty of care to their constituents and citizens of the country as a whole, regardless of how a citizen may have voted in the referendum. In short, MPs are supposed to be representives, not delegates.

Many dire warnings as well as lies and impossible promises were made before the referendum of 23rd June 2016. The lies and promises made by leave campaigners have been debunked and the warnings, made by experts falsely labelled as Project Fear, have already begun to come true.

Debunked Leave Lies / Promises
• Turkey is not joining the EU
• There is no Brexit dividend
• We already have control over law
• We are not utilising all the powers available under EU law to control our borders

Warnings Come True
• As business leave the country or go into administration, thousands of jobs have already been lost and is expected to rise to several hundred thousand.
• Terrorist violence in Northern Ireland has already begun to resurface, citing the possibility of a hard border as a reason.
• The NHS is suffering a decline in staff numbers as well as applications to study nursing.
• Pharmaceutical companies have gagging orders placed upon them as they make what preparations they can for a Crash Out Brexit.

Many business leaders, economists and industry experts have repeatedly stated that a large number companies will be forced to leave Britain, move employment abroad or close as they are either unable to cope with increased import costs or reduced export demands or both. This has already begun as with the state of car manufacturing, JP Morgan and Airbus for example. This would inevitably create a drop in employment meaning drops in people's income. With such a drop, we would likely see a sharp rise in poverty and homelessness. As a consequence of this rise in poverty, food banks and shelters would likely be unable to cope with increased demand leading to starvation.

We currently source all Insulin for diabetics from the EU as well as chemicals to purify water before it's safe to drink. Without a trade deal agreed with the EU, we'd have no clean drinking water, no Insulin and a dramatic increase in unemployment.

Leaving the EU without a deal will violate Human Rights if any person suffers an avoidable personal loss as a result of Brexit. This loss could be homelessness, worsened medical conditions or death of a loved one.

Theresa May was considering repealing the Human Rights Act and Boris Johnson is assumed to be continuing her plans to do so. This would remove some of the legal consequences of a No Deal Brexit for him and hisConservative government, but it won't prevent people from suffering and dying unnecessarily as a result of No Deal.

No-deal Brexit 'illegal because of imminent risks to life', says human rights lawyer - Independent Article, dated 7th January 2019

With new information coming to light since the EU referendum of 2016, further warnings of what specifically a Crash Out Brexit will bring are now being made, most of which are included in the government's own report.

Because of these warning and because of these facts, it is clear a Crash Out Brexit will violate Human Rights as an act of unnecessary national neglect, affecting the poorest first and hardest, with the potential for many thousands of Civil Law claims to be made against the government by civilians.

In order to prevent the need for these claims being made, the government only needs to remove crashing out from the options. As Crash Out Brexit is currently the default, we're drifting closer to crashing out every day. Removing it from the options and setting the revocation of Article 50 as the default is the most democratic and sensible option.

Please sign and share this petition and together we can prevent unnecessary personal loss to anyone and begin solving the problems that caused Brexit in the first place.


This petition made change with 12,436 supporters!

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