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We need 10,000 Animal Lovers! Craigslist's shady pet advertisers contribute to mass killing of healthy animals.

Puppy mill operators, backyard breeders and other irresponsible people are widespread on craigslist. You can find tons of inhumane breeding, stud services, pit-puppies, unaltered dogs and advertisements and postings of dogs, cats, birds, horses…. on a daily basis. Animals sold for profit, stud services… traded for iPods or bikes…and the list goes on…

52 million dogs live in 35 million US households
6.2 million dogs die each year - 2.4 million in shelters

About 4 million dogs enter shelters each year:
400,000 puppies come from households that produce litters but do not place the pups in new homes.
About 2.2 million strays; reclaimed by their owners: about 600,000 (leaving 1.6 million strays available for adoption).

About 1.8 million owner surrenders, (300,000 for euthanasia and 1.5 million for adoption). Owner surrenders fet killed first. Others like stray/found have 5 days.

1 million of the 3.1 million dogs available for adoption do get new homes, leaving 2.1 million additional dogs euthanized and killed in gas chambers.

Letter to
Pet Advertisements / Animal Classifieds
I just signed the following petition addressed to:

Hi Jim -

I call to your attention a very delicate subject: the presence and popularity of advertisements from and for dubious backyard breeders, and the irresponsible sale and handling of dogs, on craigslist.

We are working very hard to combat the effects of this issue. With the support of our friends in the animal welfare community, we have written an article about this unfortunate matter and we hope that reaching out to you will help solve this problem. The article is fairly self-explanatory, and we deeply hope we can change this situation together.
Link to our article:

Your participation in ending these inhumane practices would also demonstrate to the many volunteers and supporters of non-profit organizations that there are, indeed, some successful and informed people in the business world who really do care about making a positive impact on our society, and the well-being of our animals.

Thank you for taking the time.