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CRAIGSLIST: Stop allowing the sale or free to good home Ads for animals

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This petition's importance is to protect those who post For Sale or Free To Good Home animal advertisements.

Posting on craigslist, shouldn't have any one concerned for the safety of animals, yet with recent issues appearing it seems we must. Dog fighters, animal abusers and torturers have been using Craigslist as a means to obtain animals. Be it from small to large, if it is listed as free or less than a $100 they will adopt/take your animals.

There are other area's of social media networking that can be used to gaurantee your pet a safe and loving home, Facebook is one of those social media's. There are people there that cross-post, make groups and share non-stop until your pet has found a safe home.

We all remember Alex Phelps?
He killed 7 cats he obtained off of craigslist.

Many might not know of a Jeffery Nally.. Nally killed 29 puppies maybe more.

There are more animals being killed, tortured and used as fighting or baiting animals, then there are being saved.

Tell Jim and Craig we have had enough and want them to disallow the posting of animals on Craigslist.

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