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Having a pet section on Craig's List is just an open, easy forum for Puppy Mills and Backyard Breeders to rack up the money. The FREE dogs you see in the same section are usually "scooped" up by Dog fighting rings and Testing Labs. The more you express how "loving and sweet" your dog is, is just encouraging these evil-doers to come and get your dog that much quicker.

Craig's List does little or nothing at all when it comes to flagging. I have been flagging the same ads for a wekk now, and they are still there. With society starting to understand the importance of spaying/neutering and adoption, we don't need a hugely popular website go against everything that's progressing in a positive direction.

Please join me in this quest to make a huge impact on the safety and welfare for these animals. There are plenty of rescues and no-kill shelters out there, with plenty of dogs for adoption. We DON"T need Craig's List interfering with that. Let them stick with used lawnmowers, cars and such. LIVE ANIMALS SHOULD NOT BE SOLD ONLINE. PERIOD.

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