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A Call for the Indictment of Clark Staller in the Murder of Clinton Allen

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No one is above the law, not even law enforcement. On March 10th, Dallas Police Department officer Clark Staller, badge #9514, took the law into his own hands and abused it when he shot an unarmed Clinton Allen 7 times, killing him. The Dallas County District Attorney's office has not indicted a Dallas police officer  for killing an unarmed citizen  in 40 years. You can take a stand against the institutional cronyism and corruption that protects Clark Staller by signing our petition in a call to demand that the Dallas County District Attorney's office indict and prosecute Clark Staller in the death of Clinton R. Allen. 

Because you answered the call in our last petition, Clark Staller was removed from the streets of Dallas and placed on desk duty, without his gun. We are still working hard to ensure that justice for Clinton Allen and justice for so many other Black and Brown men that this happens to, is served. 

 The events of March 10th were a gross violation of Clinton’s civil rights, his right to due diligence and  the  continuation of a long standing disregard for the lives of men of color in Dallas, Texas. In 1973, Dallas police officer Darrell Cain was indicted for the murder of 12 year-old Santos Rodriguez after a game of russian roulette. This was also the last time a police officer in Dallas was indicted  for murdering an unarmed citizen. An Open Records Request revealed that since 1973, over 200 unarmed men  - and over 60 unarmed men since 2001 - have been murdered by the hands of Dallas Police officers. Again, not one officer was indicted for any of these murders. These the same hands that are supposed to protect and serve our communities. The lack of indictment by the D.A.'s office only further endorses these actions by the Dallas Police Department and serves as protection and impunity for the officers who wish to take the law into their own hands, as Clark Staller did on March 10, 2013 when he murdered Clinton Allen. 

It is time for the madness to stop! These men, who are almost all exclusively Black, belong to families, communities and economics that feel the devastating effects of their deaths.

Please take a stand for justice with us by signing and forwarding this petition for justice for Clinton Allen in the indictment of Clark Staller, badge #9514. We thank you all so much for your prayers, love and support. 

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