Justice for Barley

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My son's puppy was murdered was by his neighbor.

On Tuesday, March 10th, in Brodhead, WI, my son Brandon, my daughter-in-law Mikayhla, and my Granddaughter Ana, had to endure the horrific and senseless murder of their puppy, Barley.

Barley was shot, on Brandon's property, by his neighbor Gene, because Gene said Barley attacked one of his chicken's. Upon investigation, there were no injured, dead, or hurt chickens anywhere. Gene took Barley's life. Barley was only 4 1/2 months old.

After shooting Barley twice, Gene then smashed Barley's beeper coller and hid his GPS collar, so Barley couldn't be located, then the Gene put Barley's body in his burn barrel to hide him and to die. Brandon confronted the Gene, who told Brandon, he "hadn't seen him," and "he was probably out chasing bunnies" That is when Brandon saw all the blood in his neighbors driveway. Gene then finally admitted to shooting Barley.

Gene then pulled Barley out of the burn barrel, by one hind leg, Mikayhla grabbed Barley from him. Barley was still barely alive and was barely breathing. Mikayhla rushed Barley to the vet and Brandon stayed called the 911. Barley died in transit to the vet's office in Mikayhla's arms. When She arrived to the vet's, the veterinarian concluded Barley had died as a result of his gunshot wounds. Mikayhla went back home with Barley. When she got back home with Barley's body, Brandon asked the police to please check Barley's mouth for chicken feathers. There were none. There were no injurured or dead chickens anywhere on ther property or at Gene's residence.

Mikayhla and Brandon went back to the vet the next day to ask the vet if a dog had attacked a chicken, would there be feathers in the dogs mouth. The vet said that it would be highly probable that Barley's would have had feathers in his mouth, had he attacked a chicken. Again, there were none.

Gene didn't even get so much as a ticket for discharging a firearm within a 100 yards of a dwelling. The police did not perform a drug test or breathalizer after the discharge of a firearm. No charges were filed by the police, when Gene deliberately smashed the beeper collar, hiding evidence, so Barley couldn't be located. No charges were filed for hiding Barleys body. No charges were filed for the murder of Baby Barley.

We are trying to get justice for Barley through the Green County DA's office through District Attorney Craig Nolen. Please email or call his office craig.nolen@da.wi.gov 608-328-9424 and tell him to file charges against Eugene (Geno) Scheidegger for murdering Barley and help us get #justiceforbarley

Note* The District Attorney has contacted me and is reviewing the information as it comes in.

*Please note* Edits are being made as new information comes in. I am Brandon's mom and a 2nd party to sharing information in this crime*