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Shut down the old Lost Media Wiki

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Dear Mr Palmer,

We, the staff members, contributors and readers of the Lost Media Wiki humbly request that you shut down our old Wikia base of operations.

Earlier this year, we finished moving the site from to, and, despite having expressed our discontent with Wikia's resolve to keep the old site open, it remains operational as of this writing and is causing a rift in our tight-knit community.

We understand that it is generally against Wikia's policies to allow users to close their own wikis, though we are also aware that in some rare cases, Wikia does allow this. There has been a huge outcry on behalf of not only myself and the other staff members, but of the userbase in general and while the old site has not been updated since October of 2014, the select few Wikia staff members we've approached about this have been defiant, if not somewhat patronising about the issue, insisting that it live on in its decaying state.

We have been denied time and time again what the majority of us see as a reasonable request - for the old site to be shut down to allow us to continue this passion project of ours (that is very dear to our hearts) without any more disruptions, but with the current state of things, this is proving more and more difficult. This is not just another wiki for any old TV show, or game; it is an identity and community in and of itself.

We have put countless hours of work into this project and for Wikia to simply turn around and tell us that our admin rights are to be stripped against our will and that the old site will be appointed new staff, becoming a competitor to the new site, was a huge kick in the guts for us (taking a particularly strenuous emotional toll on myself); this is a very special project to us and while we definitely appreciate Wikia's support in initially getting the site up and out in the open, we felt that the next step in the site's evolution was to become independent of Wikia, not realising that it would lead to such a messy and disagreeable situation. Regardless, what's done is done and the site has successfully been moved, there is no going back from that.

So, with all due respect, we humbly request that you, CEO of Wikia, step in and give us a helping hand; it might not seem like such a big deal to you guys, but it is a massive deal to both myself and the rest of the people that made the site what it is today and we would be forever grateful if you could see it in your heart to comply with our request in this period of difficulty.

Thankyou for your time.


Daniel "dycaite" Wilson,

Founder of the Lost Media Wiki

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