Bring back the original Crabtree & Evelyn branding and products

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Crabtree & Evelyn has been with us since we were kids, when grandma came home one day and introduced us to one of their hand lotions. As we grew up, everything around us changed, everything was spinning, we were on a roller-coaster with no certainty or stability... except for Crabtree & Evelyn. Always there to comfort us. Bringing us new products and experiences, but remaining the warm brand we'd come to love. We created memories at the simplest of times, like taking a shower with their triple-milled soaps, enjoying the afternoon tea with biscuits, an important date with their perfumes. Christmas was even more magical with Noel. And when we stepped into one of their stores... it was like stepping home. Their floral packaging accompanied by the sweet whisper of our grandmothers, even if they are no longer with us.

But all that is gone.

All the products we love, the beautiful packaging, the memories... gone to make way for the minimalistic millennial. There is no place for a grandma's brand in this modern world, they think.

But today, we are here to say that yes, it's our grandma's brand. But there is nothing wrong about that! Why become a generic brand, a brand like all the others, when being "our grandma's" brand made it unique and special?

I believe there is still hope to turn it around and get back to its original glory. But I need your help. We can't let Crabtree & Evelyn disappear - because that's what's going to happen if they keep down this road. Sign the petition and spread the word! WE WANT THE REAL CRABTREE & EVELYN BACK.