Stop Wyndham Council ending the Free Snake Removal Program

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Wyndham City Council has recently voted to cease the Free 24/7 Snake Removal Service which has been in place for 25 years. This is despite a marked increase in calls for help and the rapid growth of the population within the municipality. The service is set to cease in September 2016, after which, people will have to pay for a professional snake catcher to attend.


A council report states the most common snakes found in Wyndham were highly aggressive and venomous, brown snakes and tiger snakes (Number ONE and THREE of the most dangerous snakes in Australia according to Australian Geographic -


Over the years, there has been a rise in pet deaths from snake bites in Melbourne's West, and given the ever growing large number of young families in the area, the removal of this service is of great concern to everyone's safety and is simply negligent of Wyndham Council to even consider its removal.


A council report revealed 163 people required the service during the 2013/14 snake season, up by 42 per cent on the previous year, this equals 70 more calls in that 12 month period alone. With the population explosion we are seeing, this number is set to skyrocket in the coming years.


Council data showed only 20 per cent of the call-outs resulted in a snake being removed. This number may seem small, however, that is 33 snakes that could have seriously injured or killed someone.


Statistics have shown that the majority of time people are bitten by snakes, is when they are trying to remove a snake. With the removal of the free service, people are probably less likely to pay for someone to remove a snake and are more likely to attempt to remove the snake themselves, increasing the risk of being bitten. 


A Wyndham Councillor, Intaj Khan stated that the service didn't cost much ($30,000 a year), “It’s a small amount and I think we can afford it.”


With the increase in housing development in the Wyndham Area, the council stands to profit greatly, so why is such a cheap, effective and CRITICALLY NEEDED service being cut?


Please sign this petition to let Wyndham Council know that we care about the safety of our community (our pets, our children, our fellow man) and that we wish to see the FREE 24/7 Snake Removal Program remain in place, and not be ceased in September 2016. 


Let them know its not OK to put the safety of our community at risk for the sake of $30, 000 of our rates.

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