Namma Metro with Namma Consultations

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Namma Metro is here! Our future generations will use this metro to move around the ever-expanding city we call home. The metro will also help ease the burden on Bengaluru’s overburdened roads and infrastructure.

This city is ours, we live here and we have the right to be heard when critical decisions that affect us are being made.

I am very worried about the decision making process of the Bengaluru Metro. It is being done without proper public consultation and without transparency.

The BMRCL has taken a silly, untenable decision without public consultation to change the location of the proposed Cantonment Metro Station.

In 2014, both the State and Union Governments approved a location for this metro station. The location chosen assured that the metro would be integrated with Indian Railways, Suburban trains, BMTC buses, autos, cabs and even the airport.

It has good road connectivity, was close to offices, hostels, colleges. The location for this metro station was ideal for all sorts of Bengaluru commuters.

Now the BMRCL has unilaterally decided to shift the Cantonment Metro Station from the approved location to a Playground 1.5 kms away, by road.

Not only does this mean that the station will lose all the benefits of excellent connectivity, but a playground used by hundreds of children, youth and the elderly will also be destroyed.

This decision goes against the interests of building a well connected metro and therefore against the interests of every single citizen in Bengaluru.

We all know that Bengaluru’s biggest challenge is traffic and connectivity. Many issues in our daily Lives are affected by this traffic - including our time, our money, our health, our life-style, our efficiency, etc.

The only practical solution is to have excellent Public Transport Systems with close integration between the various modes of transport at maximum possible locations.

Seamless Integration should be the goal, because it is cost effective and improves passenger experience.

That is why I am raising my voice against the decision to change the location of the cantonment metro station for no reason and without public consultation.

Sign my petition and urge BMRCL and our elected representatives to reverse this wrong Decision and act in a manner which shows Vision.

BMRCL was unable to achieve good integration at both City and Yesvantpur metro stations. Now, they’re making the same mistake again, but in a more devastating manner

As citizens of Bengaluru we must make sure that we don’t let them repeat the mistake that will impact all of us. If we let them get away with a unilateral decision, they will continue to make such decisions in the future.

Now that you know about this wrong decision, and understand its implications, please sign this petition, and do spread the word around, since we are all going to be affected by this decision of BMRCL taken without any public consultation.

Our Specific Demands -

  1. Reverse the Decision to Shift the proposed Cantonment Metro Station from its approved location opposite the Cantonment Railway Station
  2. Conduct proper transparent Public Consultations
  3. Share the DPR of Phase 2 and implement complete Transparency since it is a Project for the People. All IMMEDIATELY because delays lead to cost over-runs, and ultimately the public pays for everything !