We Demand Answers for the Conflict of Interest Involving Jtracker Migration to BATS CRM!

We Demand Answers for the Conflict of Interest Involving Jtracker Migration to BATS CRM!

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Started by Cee Cee

This petition is regarding the brokers / drivers customer data of the Auto Transport industry and the forced migration of Jtracker to BATS CRM. 

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On January 1st, 2022, Cox Enterprises through Central Dispatch and Dealertrack will be conducting a forced migration of customer data from their current JTracker CRM (Customer Response Management) to BATS CRM. This data will include customer information, billing details and payment information along with company data which is all supposed to be private. As members of Central Dispatch, we are required to be licensed and bonded. The only way to access Jtracker CRM is through a membership with Central Dispatch. JTracker has been a leader of the industries CRMs since 2005.

The details behind BATS CRM are:
BATS is owned by iBility Media.
iBility Media is also a Lead Provider in the industry.
Gavin Kesten owns Ship Your Car Now, a competitor broker company.

Based on many online reviews for iBility Media which can be found here:
They are accused many times of selling filtered leads dating back to 2016. These are leads they obtained by iBility Media and booked through Ship Your Car Now prior to selling to the competitors buying leads from iBility Media.

For a More Detailed look into the investigation taking place: BATSCRM
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101 have signed. Let’s get to 200!