COVID-19: Refund University fees for International Students in the United Kingdom

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Over a billion students worldwide are unable to go to school or university, due to measures to stop the spread of COVID-19. Some international students have also been unable to go home due to the COVID-19 outbreak and are not only home sick, but also worried about not being able to cover expenses for day to day living. That includes international students studying abroad in the United Kingdom.

International students in the UK pay high school fees - averaging at £12,000 and reaching up to £56,000 per year. Whilst most universities have shifted to online learning, it is no replacement to the physical classes. 

The cost of online class provision is also lower - and universities are aware of that. For instance the difference of fees in this degree : 

On-Campus : £14,075 per year. 

Online Learning : £8,200 per year. 

Difference : 5,875 per year. 

As most universities in the United Kingdom have halted halfway through second semester, it is only reasonable and fair to refund university fees for international students. 

Sign this petition to get this motion moving. 

And, if you're an international student, share your concerns - we're all in this together.