Borders should be opened after 4 weeks for work visa holders in New Zealand.

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Honorable Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern,

We sincerely trust that you are keeping safe within your bubble in these unprecedented times.
We do appreciate your leadership and talent working to save us from this global pandemic COVID-19.
We are writing to you with high hopes that your would come to our rescue- the work visa holders, who have been tirelessly working in NZ towards our better future and consistently adding to the economy and to the work force. Madam Prime Minister, we work visa holders are locked out of the country due to lockdown and massive uncertainty looming over us, as we are not sure whether or not we would be allowed even when the lockdown is over. We urge you to treat us at the same platform as residents and citizens, for us we might not be officially kiwis but we are surely kiwis at heart.

1. We live in New Zealand and New Zealand is our home from last 3 to 13 years. We are on different type of Work Visas.

2. New Zealand is our primary place of residence and our work is our only source of income. We have travelled outside the country for different reasons and because of border closure we are unable to get back to our lives.

3. Some of us have been told by our employer(s) that If we are not able to get back to New Zealand before certain date, they might terminate our employment. Due to the uncertainty they don’t know when we would be back to the country which will result in the termination of our visas.

4. Many of us are on essential skills visa and if employment is terminated for them, it would mean end of their legal status to enter New Zealand.

4. We have rented home to stay, vehicles to commute and other personal belongings in New Zealand. New Zealand is our home. Ending our Employment contract will put us and our families in a extremely difficult circumstances.

5. Besides the emotional and mental exhaustion we are going through, the financial pressure is mounting with each passing day. Most of us are not eligible for any wage subsidy and are going unpaid. However we are still paying rent, loans instalments if any and for other essentials. Many now on work visa alias come to country on student visa and are still paying off loans.

5. We don't have any health condition. We promise to adhere to keep New Zealand Safe and be quarantined. We are even willing to have ourselves tested from our point of origin if need be.

We know we have your full support however, the assurance that we are allowed to travel in New Zealand will give us the opportunity to take care of ourselves at our locations and emotional assurance from your side. We promise you that we are committed professional and will not let any situation from COVID-19 affect New Zealand because of us.
We are looking forward that this situation gets better for all of us and all type of work visa holder can return to New Zealand even during the lockdown.

With Regards,
Work visa holders urging your immediate and kind intervention.