Cover Aimovig Through BCPharmacare and Help Chronic Migraine Sufferers

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Include CGRP migraine medications in the covered medications in British Columbia to people who have debilitating chronic migraine. 

Aimovig (Erenumab) is a CGRP antagonist that is used in the prevention of migraines. This medication has changed my life by allowing myself and others to perform daily activities of living, attend university, and work. This medication should be covered by the Province of British Columbia as it is a necessity for the daily life of chronic migraine sufferers whose lives are impeded by their condition. Please sign!

What is a migraine? A migraine is a debilitating neurological issue, usually defined as a headache often occurring on one side of the head as a throbbing, pulsing constant pain. This can be accompanied by aura, nausea, and vomiting.

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My story:

My name is Christina, and I am a chronic migraine sufferer. A chronic migraine diagnosis is made when an individual has over 15 migraine days per month. People with chronic migraine suffer this disabling condition for more than half of each month. I have suffered from migraines since I was a small child. The earliest migraine I remember occurred when I was five years old. My migraines significantly worsened in severity and frequency after I turned sixteen, reaching their peak when I turned 23. 

For all of my life that I remember I have been prescribed many medications (Triptans, Antidepressants, and Beta-Blockers) which have side effects lasting beyond my migraines. Additionally, these medications did not reduce the frequency of my migraine days: They merely allowed me to shorten each migraine. Still I spent hours and hours laying in darkened, quiet rooms unable to perform simple tasks. I felt really sick, deflated, unable to function. I was in nursing school when all of this started to get really bad and unfortunately because my migraines were so severe, I was unsuccessful. My migraines kept getting worse, and the medications I was put on just felt like a roller coaster of horrible. 

Last year, I nearly was put on disability leave from work and school as I felt that I could not function. Then I was offered the change to take part in a clinical trial of a migraine medication, Amovig; A drug classified as a CGRP antagonist.

My first month on Aimovig, my migraines reduced to six per month. The second month I had four. By the third month, I had only two migraines. Having been on this medication for a year, I now only have an occasional aura (where I lose most of my vision) and infrequent migraine. 

My entire life has changed because of what this medication can do for me. With Aimovig, I was able to complete my Bachelor of Arts at KPU in Psychology, minoring in counseling. I work more consistently, I can focus on reading and studying. In the fall I will begin my dream of attending nursing school because I feel well enough to handle the workload. 

Last month, I was notified that Novartis, the pharmaceutical company, would be ending their Go-Program that was allowing me to trial this medication free. This medication is not on the list of pre-approved BC Pharmacare drug list for coverage. I also have coverage with Pacific Blue Cross and they have denied my request to cover this medication.  

Please sign this petition to stand together with chronic migraine sufferers to help ensure access to this life-altering medication by adding it to the list of covered medications.  

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