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Coventry Health Care of Georgia, Inc.: Please cover the costs of our son's needed hearing surgery!

Our son is hearing impaired and was born with bilateral Microtia and Atresia. We adopted him last year from Budapest, Hungary, and brought him to the U.S. believing we would be able to give him a better life and a better mode of hearing. The Sophono implant and hearing devices would allow him to hear at a nearly normal level. It is less invasive then a Cochlear Implant and costs far less money, however our insurance company has denied payment for this crucial surgery for our son. We believe the surgery will open doors for our son to continue to learn English and live a more complete life in this "Hearing" world.

I contacted our insurance company about 8 weeks ago and spoke to a representative there. I wanted to know for sure how much of Marci's surgery would be covered. I was put on hold and a woman came back to tell me that 80% of the costs would be covered by our insurance. I was thrilled!

Three weeks ago we received a letter stating that they would not be covering the surgery after all. I followed up with an appeal letter. This morning I found out they are still not willing to cover it!

This afternoon a friend of mine told me about the Rubin family in Monroe, GA. They have Coventry Healthcare of Atlanta as their insurance provider as well. They started a petition and received over 100,000 signatures! Coventry has since agreed to pay for their son's needed surgery. I'm thrilled for them! But if Coventry is willing to pay for their surgery, why not Marci's?

Well, I received a phone call from one of the Coventry representatives this morning. She told me the reason they will not cover Marci's hearing surgery is because we are not part of a GROUP insurance plan, but have our own individual insurance policy through them. They said they have no plans to cover this type of surgery with individual insurance. The only way we'd be able to have it covered is if we were part of a group plan. If we could be part of a group plan, we would be. But we cannot afford to be a part of a group plan through my husband's employer, so we are paying out-of-pocket for our insurance. This hardly seems fair!

Would you please sign this petition and pray that Coventry changes their policy and agrees to cover Marci's surgery? Thank you so much!

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Allen F. Wise, CEO, Coventry Health Care
Thomas Davis, CEO Coventry Health Care of Georgia
Kristine Grow, Vice President, Corporate Communications Coventry Health Care
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I'm writing to ask that Coventry Health Care of Georgia cover the Sophono implant surgery for eight-year-old Marcell Treu.

According to the FDA, cochlear and other hearing implants are now recognized as standard treatment for severe-to-profound nerve deafness, and that’s why most insurance companies cover them. The National Institute of Health says about 210,000 children and adults around the world have received these implants. In the United States roughly 42,600 adults and 28,400 children have received them.

More than 90% of commercial health plans in the country do cover cochlear and other hearing implant surgeries - and Coventry Health Care is one of the largest health care companies in the United States. So why is Coventry Health Care behind the times?

Marcell's life will be forever changed if this surgery is approved. His family shouldn't have to face thousands of dollars in medical bills while they're also paying Coventry Health Care of Georgia for coverage.

We understand that Coventry recently agreed to cover cochlear implant surgery for five-year-old Carson Rubin, from Monroe, GA. We are thrilled for this family! But if you are willing to cover surgery that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, why would you not cover this out-patient surgery for Marcell, which will cost far less?

Please approve Marcell's surgery and revise your company's stance on cochlear and other hearing implants.

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