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Coventry City Council to address severe flooding issue at Lentons Lane cemetery

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Unfortunately this year I had to bury my Mother and Father at Lentons Lane Cemetery, and what I have seen and witnessed is far from acceptable.

From what I have learnt, Lentons Lane is purely built upon clay, and has no sufficient drainage, which Coventry City Council are fully aware of after last years severe floodings, where people's loved ones were submerged under 8 inches or so of water.

Even to present day, people's loved ones are still submerged underwater and the cemetery is still severely flooded. The council have done nothing to put in any sort of drainage system and after doing some background research I have found that the council were given £2 million to sort out the flooding in Coventry Cemeterys, including Lentons Lane, yet have only spent £25,000 of this the allocated funding of £2 million. I think it is disgusting that the council have only used this small amount of the £2 million budget, yet continue to prey on grieving families who are vulnerable, charging families £3000 for a plot to bury their loved ones in a land which is swamped and not deemed fit for burial purposes.

I myself have personally witnessed groundsmen on the odd occasion digging graves and pumping the water out of the freshly dug graves onto other loved one's graves. Rather than drain the water into an appropriate tanker to be taken away from the land they are just pumping it onto other sections of the cemetery which are more dry, which is not combatting the situation in any way, shape or form.

Tried to complain to the office but 4 times in the last 2 weeks closed and no groundsmen there

I am trying to put a petition together to hand to Coventry City Council regarding this issue at Lentons Lane, and would appreciate it if people were to share this post far and wide and let people know what is going on

As it stands, Lentons Lane is the only burial site in Coventry at the moment which is taking burials, on a ground which is not fit for it's purpose.

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