Because at this time every county makes the call on is this meets criteria for an amber alert and if not do we use our county alert system or do we wait before we make it state wide.

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Below was the grass roots beginning stages,
(Cousin’s Law)
On July 13th 2012 the small community of Evansdale Iowa suffered a tragedy.
Two cousin’s went out for a mid-morning bike ride and never returned.
The girls were not put on an Amber.. Why? Because Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Cook did not fit the criteria for Amber Alert also there wasn’t a vehicle or suspect and there was doubt of it being a kidnapping due to the circumstances.
When a child is missing we need to do everything to find them quickly. . Missing child means they're missing/ kidnapped and immediate action should be taken by the parents and the police.
This act will alert residence and businesses with-in a very few minutes after parents have reported their child missing. We have a missing/abducted child and the citizens in the area where child went missing needs to take an active role and check their surroundings.
Therefore the bill will propose the following;
If a child is missing more than one to one and a half hours parents need to report them missing to the police according to age of child.
There could be a fine set if not compliant. ( Cay lee’s Law) CS/HB37
A device called (ACIM) A Child Is Missing, A non-profit organization founded in 1997 will be activated and mandated to be used through a voicemail or text to 900 businesses and residents in the first minute in the second minute can reach over 1600 in the area where child went missing. When the alerts go off all residents and businesses will be given a description and ask to check outside their surroundings.
Within 2 hours, a volunteer vehicle and house searches can be initiated.
If a child is missing more than 3 hours a state wide
aler will issued. It can be broadcast by the use of media and interstate marquees similar to an (Amber Alert) but different Criteria. This will not impose on the said Amber Alert
If a child is missing more than 8 hour, Human Trafficking task Force will began checking area hotspots where children could be taken.
When we are looking at this point the child would be called critical missing.
This Proposal is a faster response to alert the public to the possibility that a child may have been abducted.
The public will also be alerted that although this has not been ruled an abduction there are circumstances that allow the said Proposal to be activated.
We the community has a common goal and that is to find our missing children as fast as possible and bring them home safe.
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