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They will be attempting to charge Ida through the courts, WITH NO EVIDENCE BUT HEARSAY. NO mouth prints/measurements have been done, no video footage either, just the word of someone who’s out for some compensation.

Back in May 2018 our family dog Ida was seized following an incident involving another dog. 

Ida was out on a walk when she notices another dog she has seen before and ran up to play with him, this then ended up in a scuffle followed by the other dogs owner punching my brothers face and the other dogs owner was bitten.

Both dogs have have been accused of biting however ours is the one who has been seized. We have not been allowed ANY a contact with her or even allowed to know where she is being held. 

Ida has been a part of our family for 5 years and is so loved and shows us all and those she meets love and affection. She is great with my the grandkids, grandparents, the rabbits, friends and everyone else. 

This is whole situation has been blown out of proportion for reasons I suspect but cannot repeat. 

This has felt like the longest time without her and the fact she possibly thinks we’ve abandoned her is heartbreaking. This has been 6 years in Ida’s years now. 

Plesse help us us get her home and back with her family, we appreciate all of your help. 

Thank you