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Release wrongfully convicted Sean Hutton

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Sean was convicted of murder and attempted murder under the Joint Enterprise Law. There was no substantial evidence linking him to the attack. He was proven not to be at the scene of the attack. Intent was not sufficiently proven; yet Sean was still found guilty under this law that allows innocent people to be found guilty of murder, and sentenced to life imprisonment on the most tenuous grounds.

Sean will serve a minimum of 22 years before even being considered for release, for a crime he had nothing to do with.

On the 20th April 2011, two people were attacked on an estate; tragically, one of them died, the other was stabbed twice and survived. The prosecution claimed that Sean and three other people went to the estate and carried out the attack.

The police and the court accepted Sean was not present at the scene of the attack that day. There was CCTV images and witnesses that placed Sean away from the scene when the attack took place. There was no way Sean could foresee anything such as what happened on that terrible day. Yet Sean was still convicted and found guilty of murder, murder by association.

Being found guilty under the recently revised Joint Enterprise Law might not be enough to grant Sean a new trial. He needs new evidence that is acceptable for grounds of appeal.  Evidence that has come forward but no one wants to listen.

This makes it even worse, not only was Sean not there that day and not responsible for what took place. Now the evidence in this case does not fit the picture that the prosecution painted. Some of this evidence only came available after the trial; evidence that clearly shows neither that Sean nor the people that he was with could have been responsible.

Three completely reliable eyewitnesses have all said that they saw the attack happen themselves. Their evidence shows that it could not have been the accused. One of them was a resident that lived on the estate where it took place, and the other two being friends of the victims who were there with them that day.

This shows the enormity of the injustice that is at hand here.

The person who lost their life that day was not the only victim. Sean’s family lost a huge part of their lives as well, just so the police and prosecution can say that they have done their job. They have not done their job. Far from it, an innocent person is in prison for life, for a crime he did not commit.

The prosecution even stated that if a judge should decide there were grounds for a retrial, they would want to 'reserve their judgement' as to whether or not they would prosecute Sean and his co-defendants. Does this not show that the evidence in this case is so weak that even if it were to go back to court for a retrial; the prosecution would have to reserve their judgement?

Sean should not be in prison. He is innocent. He was not there. He could not foresee what happened.

A legal organisation has seen the injustice that has been committed and they are currently working on getting Sean released from prison.

I hope that this happens and Sean’s voice is heard.


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