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COURT BULLIES MAN: Makes Him Homeless Because He Protects Nature

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In 2013, Alain de Coessemaeker was ordered to remove all of the trees from his lifelong home when his neighbors filed suit in the Belgian courts; the courts relied on an 1886 statute. Under the guidance of experts, Alain complied and began the transplantation. Although the issue had been long resolved, in 2017 the courts ruled that his efforts took too long and ordered him to pay 847.336 Euros to his neighbors despite the fact that there was no property damage to his neighbors whatsoever. In the process, Alain lost his home and is now living under the rule of a court determined to destroy him. His appeal will be heard in October of 2017. Please support Alain. The courts should not be allowed to simply bully people, causing financial devastation and emotional distress, simply because they can. We are asking the court to reverse its reliance on the archaic 19th century statue, look to current jurisprudence, and finally render justice for this gentle man.


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